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Delivery Services

Landscape Materials

All pricing is per yard plus tax.

**Delivery fees vary please contact our office for delivery charge pricing**

Material Price per yard
Shredded Bark Mulch $28.00
Playground Chips $28.00
Brown Colored Mulch $33.00
Red Colored Mulch $33.00
Shredded Topsoil $40.00
Non-Shredded Topsoil $23.00
Fill Dirt $19.00
Shredded Compost $65.00
Garden Soil Mix (1/2 compost, 1/2 soil) $55.00
Rain Garden Soil Mix (1/3 compost, 1/3 sand, 1/3 topsoil) $60.00
Washed Stone (3/4″ & 1-1/2″) $42.00
Crushed Granite $75.00
3/4″ Mississippi River Gravel $90.00
2″ Mississippi River Gravel $90.00
3/4″ Crushed Limestone $25.00
1/4″ Crushed Limestone $25.00
Washed Sand $30.00
Pea Gravel $44.00


We can genreally deliver materials within two business days.
Call our office and put in your order today.

(Prices may change without notice.)


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