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Tree Care

Shrub Pruning

Barnes, Inc. provides high-quality shrub pruning as a service for both commercial and residential customers. This includes formal shape pruning (shearing), natural shape pruning (with hand pruners) and rejuvenation or renewal (thinning) pruning for those overgrown, problem shrubs at your place or business or at your home. Our horticulturists and trained crews use accepted horticultural techniques that promote healthy, vigorous growth that will enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Tree Trimming, Removal and Stump Grinding

Barnes, Inc. will perform aerial work by climbing and rigging, using the latest in technology, tools, training and safety instruction. No tree is too large or too small to be pruned or removed safely by our staff of highly trained climbers and ground staff.

Proper pruning of trees can promote their long-term healthy growth, as well as enhancing the beauty and value of any property.

When pruning, we will remove weak, dead and/or broken limbs, then remove additional limbs if necessary to aid in proper structural growth. We will also prune to provide clearance from any man-made structures that will be damaged by rubbing limbs and excess moisture. We will also recommend pruning if the likelihood of severe damage being caused by the freefall of a broken limb is extreme.

At Barnes, Inc., safety comes first. Takedown and removal of larger trees usually requires the use of ropes and lowering devices to ensure that all our crewmembers remain safe, and that no property or plantings are damaged from the free fall of large limbs to the ground. We will not use spikes for climbing on any limbs that will remain. This causes unnecessary damage that can create conditions that make trees more susceptible to diseases, pests and environmental stresses that can weaken and kill them.

We also will grind stumps to the ground 3 to 6 inches below grade. If in turf areas, sawdust is removed, then topsoil, seed, fertilizer and mulch are installed. If in beds, excess sawdust is removed or raked level.

Please refer to the following sites for additional information on tree and shrub care:

Tree Care Industry Association

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Tree Shrub Pest & Disease Treatment

Trees and shrubs add value to your property when properly cared for. Barnes, Inc. has licensed, certified arborists on staff that can diagnose common tree and shrub problems. We provide free initial consultations and make necessary recommendations based on your particular landscape, and not a cookie-cutter program. We apply the latest university research and implement cutting-edge technologies in developing tree and shrub programs. Complete root care and fertilization techniques round out our comprehensive plant health care programs. We can also provide preventative measures to control Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease and certain insect pests such as Japanese Beetles.

Barnes, Inc. can also suggest cultural practices and various pruning methods that will ensure your plantings grow healthier and stronger for years to come. We are always on the lookout for new pests that may cause concerns for homeowners.

We can also provide you with a comprehensive hazard assessment of old and large trees, preserve damaged trees from construction injury, and make recommendations on safety issues to people or property.


At Barnes, we are dedicated to our customers and their needs. By being proactive in seeking your opinions and listening to your concerns, we are confident that your experience with us will turn your dreams into reality.

Our professional landscape site design service is the first step in creating your ideal outdoor space. Implementing our various services into your space will make your time spent in your yard very rewarding and relaxing.


If you’re looking for the best, you’re looking for Barnes.

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