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Tips for Fall

” Be ready for fall, Barnes, Inc. does it all”

Fall is fast approaching and now is a good time to prepare your lawn for the winter months. Barnes, Inc. can provide you with a fall cleanup. A fall cleanup includes blowing leaves and debris out of bushes and beds, raking or vacuuming turf areas and removing the refuse generated from your property or simply tarping the refuse to the curb for municipal pick up. Enjoy all the beautiful fall colors for a change and leaf all your hard work to us.


Aerating Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is beneficial, and in many cases essential, for the long-term health and vigor of your lawn. Yearly aerations are necessary to promote the movement of water and nutrients into the root system. By having your lawn aerated at least once a year allows oxygen to penetrate the root zone, increasing rooting depth and density while also stimulating soil microorganism activity. Call Barnes today for a free estimate.


Deadheading Flowers

Deadheading your roses, geraniums, petunias and other flowers during the growing season on a regular basis increases and extends their flowering. Before winter arrives, take the time to remove dead plant matter and debris from the garden and place it in your compost bin. This includes all annual flowers. Leaving them behind in the garden will invite plant disease that will affect your flowers and perennials health in next year’s growing season.


Help your lawn with a fall cleanup

Barnes, Inc. provides a full range of fall yard cleanup services, including perennial stalk cutting, mulch bed and garden cleanup, pick up of sticks, raking or vacuuming of leaves from turf areas, as well as eaves trough cleaning to reduce the likelihood of roof and siding damage and basement flooding due to water and ice backup.

We also have the capability to remove all refuse at the time of the cleanup to eliminate the delay experienced when waiting for municipal pickup. If the leaves sit on lawn this can create damage to your lawn. Damage occurs when the leaves sit on your lawn for an extended period of time waiting for municipal pickup. Barnes, Inc provides timely pickups for our customers and leaves your property clean of excess debris. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and leaf all the hard work to us.


Oak & Elm Pruning

Pruning your oak and elm trees can only be done from October 15th through April 15th. During this time the insects that carry Oak wilt and Dutch elm disease are lying dormant. This prevents the spread of these diseases. Contact our certified arborist, to receive a free estimate for this and any tree removal or pruning work you need to have done.


Pest and Diease Treatment

Whether you have trees and shrubs that are young, old, in-between or a combination of the above, Barnes, Inc. will be happy to provide you with a free, on-site consultation by our certified Arborist to determine if there are any obvious diseases, pests or environmental stresses that may weaken your plantings, making them more susceptible to these causes of premature removal and/or replacement.

We stress proper pruning techniques as the primary way to provide for the long-term, healthy growth of your trees and shrubs. When necessary or advantageous, we will provide you with a program to treat specific detrimental conditions that are present, and fertilization when proper, to promote vigorous, healthy growth of all your landscape plantings.

Tips for Winterizing Annual Beds

After harvesting your fruits and flowers, remove old plant matter from the garden, placing it in your compost bin. Leaving it behind in the garden would invite plant disease next growing season.

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