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Tips for Winter

Barnes, Inc Snow Removal Services

When the weather gets you down, Barnes, Inc won’t let you down. Our size allows us to provide continuously reliable and responsive snow removal services. No one is left out in the cold with Barnes.

Snow Services offered at Barnes, Inc.:

Residential Driveways and Sidewalks
Commercial Plowing and Sidewalks
Vacation/Emergency Snow Removal Services
Holiday Lighting


Holiday Lights Costs

Did you know that C-7 and C-9 bulbs use $2.00 of electricity per 100′ per month and that mini-lights only use 60 cents of electricity per 100′ per month?


Holiday Lights Safety

Putting up your holiday lighting is best done in the fall before the snow and ice makes climbing up on your roof or into trees much more dangerous. Always make sure that ladders are balanced and secured to prevent falls, and check your extension cords and lights for exposed wires. We would be happy to help you with designing your lighting display. We also provide full service installation of your holiday lights, or we can purchase, install and store your lights year after year. Enjoy the holiday season, stress and injury-free by using Barnes, Inc. to provide all your holiday lighting needs.


Keeping Roofline and Gutter’s Clear

In winter months keeping your roofline and gutters clear of snow and ice is very important. If ice buildup goes unnoticed it can lead to significant damage to your home. Ice dams can form on your roof when snow that is not removed thaws then refreezes, expanding and in some cases freezing under the shingles. This ice then re-melts when it warms up and can cause severe damage to the ceilings and interior walls of your home. Removing the ice and snow from your gutters and roof edges will allow the snow and ice to run off the roof. Call or email Barnes, Inc. for a free estimate.


Overseeding in the Fall

Fall is a great time to grow grass-seed because of the cool and moist weather. This would be a good time to overseed barespots in the lawn. By overseeding it will improve the lawn’s appearance and make it much harder for weeds to become established.


Preventing Snow Damage to Your House

During the winter months it is important to keep snow and ice clear of areas around your house such as heating vents, overhangs, canopies, gutters and roofs. By doing this you will prevent unnecessary accidents and repairs that may need to be made to your home in the spring months.

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