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Our experienced and professional crews work hand in hand with our Landscape Designers, Horticulturists, and Arborists to create a new look for your home or office.

  • Design Services
  • Horticulturists-stamp and seal by others
  • Master plan preparation
  • Commercial and Residential Landscaping
  • Nursery stock:planting and maintenance
  • Seeding and sodding
  • Rain gardens
  • Watering services-including flowers, plants, trees and your lawn
  • Drainage correction and grading
  • Retaining walls (natural and modular)
  • Paver Patio installation and driveway installation
  • Fire Pits
  • Installation of bark mulch, decorative stone, shredded topsoil, and other materials
  • Material Delivery

It begins with meeting and talking to you. We will listen to your ideas and the way you’d like your landscape to be. Taking note of your unique site conditions and concerns, we will offer ideas for you and a direction to take with your landscape. With help from our professional team at Barnes Inc., a landscape plan is created and installed for you.Working with your wishes in mind, we will create something special for your home or business. Our highly trained team works closely with our landscape designers to complete your dreams.

The design process begins with a personal consultation. We will listen to your ideas and vision for how you would like your landscape to look at completion. We will offer ideas for you and a direction to take with your landscape to achieve your goals. With help from our professional team at Barnes, Inc., a landscape plan is created and installed for you. From concept to completion, our talented team will work with you to make your wishes come to life.

Why not get started on creating your own paradise today by calling for an informative consultation with one of our experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic garden experts.


The professional and knowledgeable staff our landscape designers can handle your project of any size from start to finish.

The Barnes team has prepared master plans, landscape plans, and construction documents for retail and commercial sites, residential facilities from single family homes to large apartment complexes, professional offices, recreation facilities and corporate, technological and industrial parks.


If you’re looking for the best, you’re looking for Barnes.

How do I protect my trees and shrubs?

The summer of 2004 was one of the wettest summers on record. As a result, many diseases plagued trees and shrubs, causing early leaf drop. By the time the damage became evident, treatment was no longer an option. The best way to control fungal diseases in trees and shrubs is with a regular spraying program. Like a flu shot, our tree and shrub program protects your plantings from ever getting common foliage diseases. In addition, we also treat common insect problems in your plantings when they occur to keep them form feeding on your trees and shrubs. We can custom-tailor a tree and shrub program for your specific needs and use integrated pest management practices whenever possible to reduce the amount of chemicals used.

My crabapple trees have lost all their leaves and it is only September 1st. Are my trees dead and what can I do about this?

Due to the wet spring, your crabapple trees developed a fungus called apple scab. The disease is most severe in wet years and results from the splashing of spores onto your tree from last year’s debris. The best way to control the disease is to rake up and destroy any debris from the tree and apply a fungicide at regular intervals next season, starting when the leaves first emerge from the buds.

Why is watering my spring plantings so important?

An adequate water supply is essential for plant survival. Not only does it allow the plant to cool itself in the heat of summer, but it is also a critical component in the plants ability to feed itself. Without consistent water supply, growth stops.

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