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Commercial Lawn

At Barnes, Inc. we specialize in commercial and residential lawn mowing for properties of any shape and size. We employ a wide variety of mowers, from 21″ push mowers to 10 ½’ open area mowers. We provide the groomed, finished look you should expect with straight mowing lines, string trimming around all trees, fences, siding, etc. and blowing grass clippings out of all plant beds, tree rings and off all paved surfaces.

We can design and create a mowing program to fit your needs, mowing on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. We also provide rough cut mowing of commercial and residential outlots on a monthly, occasional or on-call basis. We work with municipal inspectors to extend deadlines to reduce or eliminate municipal citations issued for uncut parcels. Our experienced and courteous staff is committed to making sure your lawn gets the attention it deserves.


Barnes, Inc. can provide edging for all concrete sidewalks, driveways and curbs on your property to complement its appearance. We use equipment specifically designed to edge along the concrete, not string trimmers. When edging is done properly, all grass, weeds and built up debris growing from turf areas over the adjacent paved surfaces are cut off vertically at a 90-degree angle to create a crisp, defined and finished edge. All debris created is then cleaned up and removed. Edging in the fall can make it easier to shovel the sidewalks to their maximum useful width. We recommend 3 times minimum per year to maintain a crisp, neat appearance.


We provide watering service for newly planted shrubs, trees, annual and perennial flowers, sod and seeded grass. We can also keep your property looking healthy in drought conditions, or water for you if you are on vacation or just too busy working, golfing or swimming at the pool. We have two portable watering trucks with 1000-gallon tanks, as well as temporary irrigation systems that we can set up at your home or place of business to keep your expensive landscape plantings and turf healthy when the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you simply don’t have time.

Fertilizer and Weed Control Services

A healthy, beautiful lawn is one of the most important things a homeowner can do for the quality of our environment. A healthy, vigorous lawn reduces storm water runoff into our lakes. At Barnes, we focus on prescribing what your lawn needs and recommending proper cultural practices such as mowing and watering correctly, to help achieve those results.

Our agronomists and state certified applicators are well trained and only recommend services that your lawn only needs. Some of the services offered:

  • Barnes’ 4-Step Program
  • Lawn aeration
  • Lawn dethatching
  • Tree & shrub insect & disease control programs
  • Tree & shrub pest diagnosis and hazard assessment


When the layer in your lawn exceeds 1″ in depth, dethatching may be necessary. It has been proven that excessive thatch can impede water and nutrient movement. More importantly, insects and diseases can thrive in the thatch layer, which will eventually harm the aesthetics of your lawn.

We recommend dethatching your lawn in the spring because your lawn recovers more quickly during this period of active growth. If this time is inconvenient for you, fall is also another great time to dethatch.

Barnes, Inc. uses power rake-type dethatchers instead of tine-type machines. The power raking removes up to 500% more dead material. We also take the time to vacuum all the debris generated, and haul it away. Although dethatching in this manner is very time-intensive, the result is dramatic improvement in your lawn within a few weeks. You will see a marked increase in the thickness of your lawn, as well as an increase in grass blade growth.


Many urban soils, which were once rich farmland, have been stripped of their valuable topsoil and replaced with heavy, unfertile clay. This type of soil often is not conducive to growing healthy, thick turf. Clay soils can become easily compacted, impeding the movement of water and nutrients throughout the root zone, causing poor root growth and as a result premature drought stress.

If your lawn is or has been over-fertilized, the thatch layer can become too thick. Thatch is caused by the buildup of dead and undecayed organic matter in your turf. Too much thatch impedes the movement of water and nutrients throughout the root zone.

Furthermore, thatch provides a favorable environment for devastating turf insects and diseases to thrive.

At Barnes, Inc., we recommend doing a core aeration at least every other year, unless your lawn is newly sodded. We then recommend doing this annually for at least 3 years, then at least every other year after that. Early spring and fall are the best times to aerate because the turf is actively growing.

A way to combat these problems is with regular core aeration. A core aeration pulls “cores” of soil out of your turf and deposits them on top of the thatch layer. The natural soil microbes, which feed on thatch, are forced to feed on the thatch from the top down. Furthermore, the two to four inch deep holes left behind after aeration fill in with roots, increasing the rooting structure of your lawn. Because of this, compaction levels are reduced.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Barnes, Inc. provides professional spring and fall yard and garden cleanups.


At Barnes, we are dedicated to our customers and their needs. By being proactive in seeking your opinions and listening to your concerns, we are confident that your experience with us will turn your dreams into reality.

Our professional landscape site design service is the first step in creating your ideal outdoor space. Implementing our various services into your space will make your time spent in your yard very rewarding and relaxing.


If you’re looking for the best, you’re looking for Barnes.

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